Syracuse University Brand Guidelines

These guidelines bring together components necessary to communicate the Syracuse University brand. They establish a guiding visual and written tone, leaving room for flexibility, expression, and spontaneity.

The scope of these guidelines is currently focused on central units and administrative departments. In the coming months, this site will be expanded to incorporate further detail related to the University’s schools and colleges, and its athletics communications.

  1. Voice

    The overarching language of Syracuse University is designed to drive a compelling, unifying, and consistent brand across the institution, while leaving room for individual colleges and schools to maintain their own voices and tailored messaging.

  2. Visual Identity

    Our visual identity and brand architecture promote the history and breadth of Syracuse University as expressed by its schools and colleges, and the students, faculty, alumni, and staff that embody them.

  3. Web & Email

    The University values diversity, is committed to inclusion, and seeks to provide access for all people, including those with disabilities. Review our best practices for the web.

  4. Downloads & Templates

    Please use the provided artwork and templates when working on University communications.

  5. Contact

    If you have any questions regarding our brand, assets, or guidelines, please reach out to the Office of Marketing and Communications.