Please use the provided artwork and templates when working on University communications.

Brand Guidelines

These guidelines bring together all the various ingredients necessary to communicate our brand. They establish a guiding visual and written tone, leaving room for flexibility, expression, and spontaneity.

Download brand guidelines [PDF, 13MB]

University Assets

This ZIP archive includes a comprehensive set of University artwork. The seal and wordmark variants are provided in each of the approved colors in EPS file format.

Download brand elements [ZIP, 55MB]

See University lock-ups to download division, department, and office artwork.

Desktop Fonts

Sherman serif and Sherman sans are available to all students, faculty, and staff for personal and educational use.

Work is underway to facilitate a campus-wide installation of Sherman Serif and Sherman Sans automatically to computers across campus. To use the fonts on a computer that is not part of the (active directory) network, follow the download link below.

The Sherman fonts are owned by Syracuse University and must not be altered or redistributed without approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Download Sherman fonts [ZIP, 858KB]

Letterhead and Stationery

A letterhead template for Microsoft Word is provided as a desktop publishing alternative to ordering customized letterhead. Final documents should be exported as PDFs to ensure that all formatting is retained when viewed/printed by others.

To order business cards, envelopes, customized letterhead, or electronic letterhead (MS Word), visit Printing & Distribution Services’ online ordering system.

PowerPoint Template

A general-purpose template will be made available for Microsoft PowerPoint. Please check back soon for availability.

Color Swatches

We’ve provided a ZIP archive containing .ase files that can easily import these swatches into Illustrator or Photoshop:

Download ASE color palette [ZIP, 3kB]


Permission is required before using any Syracuse University trademarks. Please call the Office of Trademark Licensing, 315.443.2722, or request further information regarding these marks.

Download Syracuse University’s trademarks sheet [PDF, 582kB]