University Lock-ups

University lock-ups are provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications. They should not be recreated.

If artwork for your group is not listed below, please submit a Lock-up Request. On the form, select “Lock-Up Request” from the Subject menu and enter the name of your division, department, or office exactly as it should appear in the lock-up. When your artwork is finalized, you will be notified and the files will be added to this database.


Admissions [ZIP, 4MB]

Advancement and External Affairs [ZIP, 4MB]

Advancement Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Aging Studies Institute [ZIP, 4MB]

Air Force ROTC [ZIP, 4MB]

Alumni and Donor Records [ZIP, 4MB]

Alumni and Donor Relations [ZIP, 5MB]

Army ROTC [ZIP, 4MB]

Atlanta [ZIP, 9MB]

Auxiliary Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Auxiliary Services—Business Office [ZIP, 4MB]


Beijing [ZIP, 9MB]

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering [ZIP, 4MB]

Board of Trustees [ZIP, 4MB]

Bookstore [ZIP, 13MB]

Boston [ZIP, 9MB]

Burton Blatt Institute [ZIP, 4MB]

Business, Finance and Administrative Services [ZIP, 4MB]


Career Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Catering Services [ZIP, 7MB]

Center for Fellowship & Scholarship Advising [ZIP, 4MB]

Center for Learning and Student Success [ZIP, 4MB]

Center of Academic Achievement [ZIP, 4MB]

Chicago [ZIP, 9MB]

Coalition of Museum and Art Centers (CMAC) [ZIP, 9MB]

Comptroller’s Office [ZIP, 4MB]

Conference Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Counseling Center [ZIP, 4MB]


Degree Works [ZIP, 4MB]

Department of Public Safety [ZIP, 4MB]

Department of Recreation Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Development Office [ZIP, 4MB]

Disability Cultural Center [ZIP, 4MB]

Division of Campus Safety and Emergency Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Division of Communications and Marketing [ZIP, 4MB]

Division of Public Affairs [ZIP, 4MB]

Division of Student Affairs [ZIP, 4MB]


English Language Institute [ZIP, 4MB]

Enrollment and the Student Experience [ZIP, 4MB]

Environmental Health and Safety Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, and Resolution Services [ZIP, 4MB]


Faculty and Staff Assistance Program [ZIP, 4MB]

Florence [ZIP, 9MB]

Food Services [ZIP, 13MB]


Gebbie Speech, Language, & Hearing Clinic [ZIP, 4MB]

Global Safety and Support [ZIP, 4MB]

Government and Community Relations [ZIP, 4MB]

Graduate Admissions [ZIP, 4MB]

Graduate School [ZIP, 4MB]

Greenberg House [ZIP, 4MB]


Health Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Hendricks Chapel [ZIP, 4MB]

Hong Kong [ZIP, 9MB]

Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Human Resources [ZIP, 4MB]

Humanities Center [ZIP, 4MB]


Information Technology Services (ITS) [ZIP, 4MB]

ITS—Active Directory Technical Team (ADTT) [ZIP, 4MB]

ITS—Core Infrastructure Services (CIS) [ZIP, 4MB]

ITS—Virtual Environment Technical Team (VETT) [ZIP, 4MB]

Institute for Veterans and Military Families [ZIP, 4MB]


Joseph I. Lubin House [ZIP, 4MB]


Lawrence B. Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education [ZIP, 4MB]

Learning Communities [ZIP, 4MB]

Libraries [ZIP, 4MB]

Libraries—News and Events [ZIP, 4MB]

Libraries—Special Collections Research Center [ZIP, 4MB]

Libraries—University Records Management [ZIP, 4MB]

London [ZIP, 9MB]

Los Angeles [ZIP, 9MB]


Madrid [ZIP, 9MB]

Minnowbrook Conference Center [ZIP, 12MB]


New York City [ZIP, 9MB]

News Services [ZIP, 4MB]


Off-Campus and Commuter Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Academic Affairs [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Admissions [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Alumni Engagement [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Budget and Planning [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Community Engagement [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Disability Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Donor Relations [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Engagement Programs [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Faculty Affairs [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Financial Literacy [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Financial Wellness [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Gift Planning [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Health Promotion [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Human Resources [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Multicultural Affairs [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Program Development [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Research [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Residence Life [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Special Events [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Student Activities [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Student Assistance [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Board of Trustees [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Bursar [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Provost [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Registrar [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Senior Vice President [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Treasurer [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the University Senate [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Vice Chancellor and Provost [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Vice Chancellor—Strategic Initiatives & Innovation [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer [ZIP, 4MB]

Office of Veteran and Military Affairs [ZIP, 4MB]

Online Programs and Services [ZIP, 4MB]


Pan Am Flight 103—Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives [ZIP, 4MB]

Parents Office [ZIP, 4MB]

Parking and Transit Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Printing & Distribution Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Project Advance [ZIP, 4MB]

Publications Office [ZIP, 4MB]


Recreation Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Regional Advancement [ZIP, 4MB]

Renée Crown University Honors Program [ZIP, 4MB]

Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Services [ZIP, 4MB]


San Francisco [ZIP, 9MB]

Santiago [ZIP, 9MB]

Schine Box Office [ZIP, 4MB]

Schine Student Center Box Office [ZIP, 4MB]

Slutzker Center for International Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Strasbourg [ZIP, 9MB]

Student Affairs Budget and Administration [ZIP, 4MB]

Student Affairs Communications [ZIP, 4MB]

Student Affairs Technical Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Student Centers and Programming Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Student Debt Management [ZIP, 4MB]

Student Philanthropy Council [ZIP, 4MB]

Student Rights and Responsibilities [ZIP, 9MB]

Summer College [ZIP, 4MB]


The LGBT Resource Center [ZIP, 4MB]

Trademark Licensing [ZIP, 4MB]


Veteran Career Services [ZIP, 4MB]

Veterans Affinity Group [ZIP, 4MB]

Veterans Resource Center [ZIP, 4MB]

Video Access Security Technology Team [ZIP, 4MB]


WAER Syracuse Public Media [ZIP, 4MB]

Washington, DC [ZIP, 9MB]