Wordmark Guidelines

Our wordmark is typeset in Sherman Serif Book.

When used as a logo (and not embedded within text) the official vector artwork should be used. The wordmark has been set with particular letterspacing, and should not be recreated by simply typing it out. However, our name may be typed out when used in a paragraph of text.

For questions regarding University wordmark usage or approvals, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.


There are three acceptable variations of the wordmark, each suited for specific applications.


This configuration is the preferred way of displaying our name.



This configuration should only be used when horizontal space is limited and the one-line variation is not legible. This should be used in a limited capacity.

Do not recreate this configuration under any circumstances—it has been altered and positioned in a particular manner.


Special Case

Reducing our wordmark down to “Syracuse” only will be a special use-case during the roll-out of our new identity. However, over time, this variation has the potential to become a standardized way of communicating the University’s name.



The following combinations are approved uses for applying color to our wordmark.

Using orange in any situation is the preferred way to display our identity. Grayscale usage should only be applied when reproduction methods are limited, such as one-color printing, newspapers, and pieces with a softer tone of voice.

There is no other approved color usage of the wordmark.

See Downloads for select file types and Colors for specific color value breakdowns.

Color Chart-08

Wordmark Don’ts

The following color combinations are forbidden, not only because they are off-brand, but because they may not be fully accessible.

Always use approved digital artwork. Never alter the wordmark in any way.

Any gray tone on orange
Any other color on white
Orange on dark gray
A tint of orange on any background
Orange on medium gray
Light gray on white

Clear Space

To ensure maximum legibility, a clear space should be observed around any variation of the wordmark. This space is determined by the wordmark’s cap-height, indicated by ‘x’.

View additional guidelines regarding co-branding lockups.


Registered Trademark

When used on products/apparel or by external parties, the seal should carry the “®” registered trademark designation.

The size of the symbol is equal to the height of the tittles (dots over the lowercase “i”) in “University”. They are aligned accordingly depending on the wordmark variation.

Always use the provided artwork—do not create your own.

To confirm if an application requires the registered trademark symbol, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.