Custom stationery can be ordered from Printing and Distribution Services’ online ordering system.

The following stationery components are available to order now.

University Business Cards

Stationery system primary business card

Secondary Configuration

Stationery systems secondary business card

Tertiary Configuration

Stationery system tertiary business card

Information Structure

Business cards may include one of the following social media handles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Accounts must be professionally related—no personal accounts may be listed.

Abbreviations should always be used for street addresses:

  • Rm. [Room]
  • Ste. [Suite]
  • Ave. [Avenue]
  • St. [Street]
  • Pl. [Place]
  • Rd. [Road]
  • N., S., E., W. [North, South, East, West]


Carrying the same principles from the business cards, envelopes include an enlarged wordmark.

Stationery system envelope


Carrying the same principles from the business cards, letterhead includes an enlarged seal. When and where possible, Sherman Sans Book should be used for body text font.

Stationery letterhead

Recommended type style: